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Understanding Systematic Oppression and Institutionalised Racism

Kyol Blakeney gives a powerful presentation about understanding the concept of systematic oppression and institutionalised racism. This ranged from presenting ideas about the current structure we live under in...


The Democracy Data Revolution

Big Data isn't just for big business, it's for the people too. Simon Jackman believes that you can apply scientific principles to politics. In fact, he can prove...


Courage is Contagious

Benny Wenda is the face of self-determination and human rights in West Papua. This is the story of him and his people as told by his lawyer and friend,...

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TEDxSydney 2017 Speakers – Judy Atkinson

If Australians have a will to Reconciliation, why hasn’t it happened yet? Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson surveys the changes we’ve made and that are yet to come.


TEDxSydney 2017 Speakers – Peter Greste

“Did you ever hear about Alan Johnston?” asks journalist Peter Greste. The name rings a bell, I say. “Alan was a BBC reporter who was kidnapped and held in Gaza...


The Election of Trump Proves That We’ve Lost Trust in Institutions

Nick Schiavuzzi considers the circumstances that led to the election of Donald Trump in light of TEDxSydney alumni Rachel Botsman's recent TED Talk 'We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers'. Watch...

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The Carne | 2016 Film Program

A film made entirely of Donald Trump quotes. Director: Danielle Pearce Producers: Madeleine Gottleib and Sarah Christie Screened at TEDxSydney 2016


University of Sydney Student Vox Pop

A short video with vox pops made by Andre Fenby and Drew Rooke, Media and Communication students at the University of Sydney … Principal Partner for TEDxSydney 2013. Music by...

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