An image speaks volumes.

Kristy Vella

Have you ever imagined what a TEDxSydney Talk would look like, not just by revisiting a video but through an actual visual representation? TEDxSydney has been fortunate to have the incredible Visual Scribe, Gavin Blake, lending his remarkable artistic talents from the very start.

At the TEDxSydney 2023 event held on September 1st, we were treated to talks by an AI Evolutionist, Space Engineer, Coffin Confessor, Mentalist, and more! In the coming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to watch each talk, performance, and film individually. But for now, immerse yourself in the full day’s experience through Gavin Blake’s visual scribing!

You can follow Gavin’s amazing work here:

Instagram and Twitter @gavin_scribes
Facebook @GavinScribes

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