How live streaming empowers human connections

Sarah Smythe

No longer a fantasy, on-demand has become one of the most thriving culture’s in the world where organisations and businesses seek to realise the potential of immediate connection.

My first TEDxSydney experience was via live stream. Granted, it’s not the same as being at the ICC with 5000 people plus, but I would not have seen the gifted speakers, heard the brilliantly curated ideas and engaged in such stimulating intellectual discussion otherwise. Me and mine made a day of it, having our food delivered, including a desert I do not have the talent nor the time to replicate. The whole on-demand experience prompted me to go the event the next year.

Viostream made that possible. Industry leaders, their dedication to live stream makes them central to the TEDxSydney legacy delivering the best of Australia’s ideas to both suburban and remote areas across the country. Indeed the collaboration has been an example that has paved the way for the next wave of businesses to harness the power of this technology, and the deeply held philosophy of democratisation behind it.

On-demand culture is not just about immediacy, its very core is focused on a personal experience. “People want to see how leaders and other people talk, what they’re feeling, their emotions and their body language,” explains Neil Jackson Viostream CEO. Live stream is more than entertainment it’s about human connection.

The importance of human connection is not to be taken lightly. People are becoming increasingly isolated. A recent study found 1 in 4 Australians feel lonely 3 days per week, flagging a public health crises as big as smoking and obesity. The technological boom is partly to blame, but it also offers a sustainable solution – immediate emotionally enriching connection. Like my own experience with the TEDxSydney live stream, when top brands engage on-demand technology they can offer genuine life direction as well as the much needed inspiration to engage the world more fully, instantaneously across the globe. Live stream is essentially a bridge connecting like-minded others with resonating values.

Little wonder live streaming is a growth market. We’re talking a $30 billion plus industry, predicted to go beyond $70 billion by 2021. “Businesses and organisations large and small can seize this opportunity,” explains Sarah Cunningham, Viostream Director-Customer Success, “through harnessing the technology people can be placed at the event, offering live personalised connection and quality communications.”

Knowledge is no longer enough. It’s how we communicate it, and that requires on-demand vehicles and focused brands working together to instantaneously connect, inspire and empower people, globally.

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