A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Private: Michelle Ahern

Ever wondered what a TEDx Talk would look like. I don’t mean re-watching a video of the talk, I mean an actual picture of the talk?! TEDxSydney has been very blessed to have the amazing Visual Scribe, Gavin Blake providing his amazing visual talents, since the very beginning.

During the TEDxSydney 2021 Main Event, we heard from an Evolutionary Ecologist, Food Inventor, Music Technologists, Activist, Philosopher, AI Researcher, Indigenous Specialist, Biologist, Creative Director, Designer and an Author. And in case you missed any of it, well of course you can re-watch the action via our on-demand platform, but you can also take a look below and enjoy a full day, via visual scribe!


Monica Gagliano
Zhanwei Hou
Tracey Rogers
Tim Dean
Jun Bei Liu
Uncanny Valley
Lesley Hughes
Shelley Reys
Grace Tame
George Peppou
Jamaica Moana
Sally Woellner
Julia Baird
Josh Pyke


You can follow Gavin’s amazing work here:

Instagram and Twitter @gavin_scribes
Facebook @GavinScribes

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