Fuelling Change in Australian Workplaces

Private: Michelle Ahern

TEDxSydney 2021 – Online · 26 November 2021

Taking a moment to make a simple change to your work can unlock new ways of thinking. This is why, in partnership with LinkedIn, we have challenged their ‘Changemakers’ to share simple tips for making our workplaces more accessible, sustainable, and productive.

The LinkedIn Changemakers are a collective of professionals who are leading conversations around topics like diversity and inclusion, mental health and sustainability. Their role within LinkedIn is to share insights and spark meaningful conversations while enacting positive change in their respective industries and communities.

During the TEDxSydney Main Event for 2021, one of the Discovery Sessions will feature Linkedin Changemakers including Dr Amantha Imber, an organisational psychologist, innovation and productivity speaker, Carly Findlay OAM, an award-winning writer, speaker and appearance activist, Toby Thorpe, 2021 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year and sustainability advocate, and Brenda Gaddi, an advocate for Women of Colour in Australia, speaking to racial, social, political and economic justice, and racial and gender equity. Together this group will collaborate and uncover ideas to inspire Aussies to make positive progress in the workplace.

Toby Thorpe, believes we need to “flip the way we think about sustainability” from a crisis, issue, or problem to “an opportunity”. One of his simple ideas is to make our workplaces more sustainable by taking away individual rubbish bins in offices. Research suggests that when this happens we see an increase in recycling as people think about where they dispose of their rubbish.

“Our differences are a superpower,” says Brenda Gaddi. “Your struggle and my struggle are different but when we come together” our differences illuminate new paths forward.

Brenda will address how confronting unconscious bias and taking a full approach to equality in the workplace can lead businesses in new and exciting directions and unlock new customers and income streams. “Imagine a place in which every single one of us is able to bring our whole authentic selves to the workplace,” she says.

Carly Findlay adds that hiring managers have a role to play in normalising conversations around accessibility and empowering disabled workers to feel seen. “One easy thing that employers can do to improve their workplace is put details of accessibility around the workplace on the website.” Everything begins with access and the more diverse colleagues you have around you at every level, the more impactful your work will be, she says.

Meanwhile, Amantha Imber is encouraging leaders to simply treat their employees like adults. When this happens and “when you assume positive intent, people will thrive in that environment,” she says.

For more simple ideas that can change the world of work, join our Discovery Session by registering for our Main Event and follow the Changemakers on LinkedIn for more ideas.

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