TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019

4 April 2019

Seymour Centre, Chippendale NSW 2008

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The theme for TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019 was CUSP.

CUSP is a point of transition between two states – that moment, that point when something is about to change to something else. We are at a tipping point and this is the time to push for change and make a difference.

Our lineup of speakers (all of which are 30 years old and under) are on the cusp of this change.

TEDxYouth@Sydney is about fresh ideas and approaches to existing and future problems which will determine how we will exist and survive in the next 10, 20, 100 years.

TEDxYouth@Sydney will run from approx. 10am – 3pm on Thursday 4 April 2019.

Seymour Centre, Chippendale Sydney NSW

You are the future, so be a part of the conversation. Be at TEDxYouth@Sydney.


Talks from TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019


From Fringe to Cusp: Imagining a brown-er theatre | Moreblessing Maturure

In this talk, actor / playwright Moreblessing Maturure provokes questions about who is represented by our arts and cultural spaces. She argues that “the stories, the voices, the faces...


What Are We Waiting For? | Fergus James

Singer Songwriter Fergus James performes What Are We Waiting For at TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019 Hailing from the country town of Armidale, NSW Fergus was accepted into the Newtown High School...


How Youth-Led Movements are Changing the World | Jean Hinchliffe

15 year old Australian climate striker and teen activist, Jean Hinchliffe explores the world of youth-led climate movements and organisations, and discusses how they've grown to hold the power...


The Fastest Startup Ever Created (probably) | James Alexander

Do you think you can launch a startup in 10 minutes? Join James Alexander as he and his audience create, build and launch a brand-new startup live on stage at...


Refugees as Architects of Their City and Future | HY William Chan

HY William Chan is not only interested in designing the cities that we live in, but how we can all be a part of the process. But what might...


A blind teenager’s vision for change that made Australian History | Connor McLeod

Blind from birth, Connor McLeod relentlessly lobbied the Reserve Bank of Australia to print tactile banknotes. Connor’s idea arose after he was given money for Christmas, but could not...


How Does Poor Representation Shape Our Youth? | James J. Robinson

James J Robinson explores the issue around media diversity from a more personal angle. Working within the parameters of poetic realism, he unpacks why he shoots what he does,...


A Sermon From My Elders | Amani Mahmoud

In this moving spoken word performance, Amani Mahmoud embodies the speakers observations on how the way we grieve changes over time and across generations. It is the voice of...


How to Design a House on Mars | Jonathan Irawan

Can we learn how to design and build better buildings by putting ourselves in extreme environments? Computational Designer, Jonathan Irawan shares his latest involvement in NASA’s Centennial Challenge to...


Shahla’s Story – Missing | Treehouse Theatre feat. Shahla Bakhsh

Shahla Bakhsh is 15. She was born in Pakistan, and was 6 years old when her father left for Australia. In this beautiful performance, Shahla tells her story supported...


You’re In My Headphones & The Crash | Lupa J

Australia's Lupa J performs You’re In My Headphones and The Crash at TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019. Lupa J attracted the attention of international music tastemakers when she first posted on Soundcloud...


The Cure for Millennial Burnout | Ally McLean

Ally McLean delves into the pressures of the games industry and offers some practical solutions for avoiding burnout. Ally McLean is a video game developer and the CEO of...


Step Back | Milan Ring

Sydney artist, Milan Ring performs Step Back at TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019. Milan Ring represents the concepts of duality (Ying & Yang), spirituality and personal evolution are constant sources of inspiration...


Faster Ideas

Join host Fraser Orford as he hears seven such ideas, and stay tuned at the end of the video for a special impromptu performance for the people of New...


Could ASMR be the Answer to Climate Change? | Issy Phillips

In this super short, very quiet talk and performance, comedian Issy Phillips uses online phenomenon ASMR to look at the devastating impacts of climate change and provoke the need...


65,000 yrs – the great history of Australian Aboriginal Astronomy | Kirsten Banks

Emus can’t fly, but there’s an Emu in the sky. People have been looking up to the stars for a long time, but for how long? Explore a different...

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