Could ASMR be the Answer to Climate Change? | Issy Phillips

Issy Phillips

TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019 · 4 April 2019

In this super short, very quiet talk and performance, comedian Issy Phillips uses online phenomenon ASMR to look at the devastating impacts of climate change and provoke the need for action.

Under 5 minutes at a whisper! Issy Phillips is an acclaimed comedian, performer and writer based in Sydney. She is known for her alternative comedic style and has been described as an exciting new voice in Australian Comedy.

Issy’s work synergises contemporary culture into comedy and explores themes of the internet, youth politics and Australian identity. Her debut stand-up and sketch show ASMR Live has been critically acclaimed and performed to sell out audiences across Australia.

Issy is a RAW semi-finalist and Cranston Cup grand-finalist who is one to watch in Australian comedy.

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