Beyond Screens

Tea Uglow

TEDxSydney 2015 · 21 May 2015

Tea Uglow has worked at Google for nearly 8 years, starting Google’s Creative Lab in Europe and, since 2012, building a Creative Lab in Sydney, Australia. Her team work on experimental projects that help connect people and that use Google, Android and YouTube’s products in creative ways. Previous projects include Hangouts in History, Dream40 with the RSC,, Web Lab, Life in a Day, and the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Most of her projects are collaborations with charities, agencies and cultural organizations around the world that help artists and creators explore new forms of creative practice using digital tools. Tea speaks on innovation around the world; tweets, posts and blogs on digital creativity; she is a trustee of D&AD and AWARD and has judged, presented, and enthused on TV, online, and in print. She is a Sunday-coder, a traditional creative, and a fuzzy strategist. Occasionally she knits.

At the time of her 2015 talk, Tea was still using her pre-transition name of Tom Uglow.

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