Your Brain Is A Remote Control | Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

Interactive filmmaker Karen Palmer is part of a growing creative movement that seeks to empower game players through radical new approaches to technology and storytelling. To further this endeavour, Karen focuses on neurogaming, where neuro science meets gameplay, and helps us to become our own myth makers of the modern age.

Karen Palmer combines Neurogaming, Film, Wearable Technology and Parkour to create dynamic immersive video installations to inspire and empower the user. Her practise involves creating a sense of mindfulness and “being in the moment” to simulate a physiological and spiritual journey through storytelling and technology.

Her project SYNCSELF 2 recreates the process of transcending fear, and was showcased at the iconic V&A Museum in London. This interactive parkour experience is controlled by the user’s mental focus, monitored by EEG biosensors, technology developed by Brunel University London.

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