The Drones that Grow Our Food | Anastasia Volkova

Anastasia Volkova

Each year, billions of dollars of fertiliser is wasted and much of it ends up in our waterways. Aeronautical Engineer, Anastasia Volkova explains that there is a better way to deliver fertiliser and help farmers.

By monitoring farms using infrared cameras on drones and satellites, Anastasia Volkova can tell which crop needs fertilizer the most, she then gives the prescription to the farmers, so that they save on fertiliser and effectively improve yields.

Anastasia is an aeronautical engineer completing her PhD in autonomous drone navigation. She has experience ranging from projects with the NASA robots onboard International Space Station to managing 370 person team for UEFA.

Anastasia has recently been awarded Amelia Earhart Fellowship for her commitment to advancing the application of aerospace engineering. Her passion for the real-world application has found expression in the start up, FluroSat accelerated by Telstra’s muru-D and now monitoring farms using drones and satellites in 5 states in Australia.

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