Do we have the [Human] energy to be kind?

Sean Hall

A recent research collaboration between The University of Sydney Business School and wellbeing company Energx has uncovered a ‘Human Energy Crisis’ with women reporting they only feel they have enough energy four out of ten days, and men just over five.

The School’s Dr. Stefan Volk believes that the most valuable resource we have, whether it is in business or in the community, is our collective energy.

So, we set out to measure the collective energy at TEDxSydney 2018 to see if this energy crisis was true about the TEDxSydney audience too. We were based at Body, Mind & Soul Tribe within The Hub, where 5,000+ of the community gathered, ate and explored interesting concepts beyond what was being spoken about on stage.

We believe in channeling energy for good, so we asked attendees which cause of charity they would love to have more energy for? We then asked those same people to complete a complete a short energy assessment to determine in which areas of their life they felt less energetic and to set new energy goals.

What did the results show …

Women who completed the assessment were on average nearing 33% depleted from their energy goals.

For men, it was 30%.

So, the question is, how depleted are you right now? Could this be a barrier to us being more kind to each other, and even ourselves?

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