Why Do I Stand here? | 2022 Film Program

Vincent is an older man suffering with dementia, and carefully nursed by his daughter Amelia who visits him frequently, and so like every other day, she sits in his company, observing his deteriorating memory and sense of self. As they speak, Vincent loses his orientation and is dragged through a montage of memories of his late wife only to come back to the present and realise that she is no longer around, reliving the pain of his loss as if it were the first time.

Lexee Gordoun | Writer, Director, Co-Producer
Zain Ayub | Co-Producer/1st AD
Chris Ras | Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor
Aya Ishii | Colour Grader
Ben Lawford | 1st AC
Datu Steffel | Gaffer
Finn Ashton | Lighting Assistant
Ella Grinberg | Production Designer
Lauren Griffiths | Production Designer
Fox Wylde | H&MUA
Nadine Torney | 2nd AD
Steve Toppa | Composer

Lily Brown Griffiths | Amelia
Paul Jones | Older Vincent
Lane Davis | Younger Vincent
Siera Leyshon | Ava

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