Lâcher Prise (Letting Go) | 2017 Film Program

TEDxSydney 2017 · 16 June 2017

In the centre of Paris, a group of young deaf people gather together weekly, turn up the music and dance it out.


Jon Mark Oldmeadow is a director and cinematographer originally from Melbourne, Australia and currently based in Paris. Passionate about creating poetic and crafted images that tell a story; he shoots documentaries, advertising and music videos. He has also completed films for a number of art museums, cultural organisations and non-profits. Jon is a graduate of the Australian Film and Television Radio School (AFTRS).


Director: Jon Mark Oldmeadow
Producer: Redha Medjellekh
Director of Photography: Bernard Jallet
Editor: Jon Mark Oldmeadow
Dancers: Agathe Grelaud, Jules Dansigneur and Lydia Neghad
Music: Okzharp & Claudio Tocco
Post Sound Design: Lana Kristensen
Production Assistant: Yohann Ancele
Camera Assistant: Sylvain Chaux
Sign Language Interpreter: Claire Danet

TEDxSydney Film Curator: Sinéad McDevitt

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