D.I.Y. | 2019 Film Program

TEDxSydney 2019 · 24 May 2019

A reflection on life, death, and splinters. Colin Taylor has built his life by hand. Four houses, an ocean-going yacht, a trimaran, and an aeroplane – which he learnt to pilot. And he’s not done. Colin’s final project may be his most interesting one yet.

Director Paul Bruty, from The Glue Society, likes photographing birds and drawing bald men. Creatives Alex Derwin, Dantie van der Merwe, David Fraser and Producer Jenny Lee Archer, from BMF, like making films because they have absolutely no DIY skills.


Credits Written & Performed by Colin Taylor Director: Paul Bruty Producer: BMF, Revolver/Will O’Rourke, The Glue Society and Rumble Each year we call for creatives to pitch their response to the theme in a film that runs for three minutes or less. This year’s theme – Legacy – was interpreted in seven original films, among them documentary, comedy documentary, animation, drama and experimental. They explore themes of loss, love and death; the future that we face; and the complexity of our relationship with technology. Each of these films was created especially for TEDxSydney

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