Power Speaking Science: Zoe Norton Lodge

TEDxSydney 2014 · 26 April 2014

Power. Speaking. Science. is a comprehensive treatise on humanity which is never afraid to 'go there'. It's Artistotle meets Darwin meets Neo-Fascism meets hand towels. Sydney's leading thought leader Zoe Norton Lodge expounds about not just Power and Speaking but Science and Power too. Plus speaking. Zoe Norton Lodge is a writer and performer. She hung about Sydney's independent theatre scene for years before going to work with The Chaser team in 2012 on their various TV projects. She is co-creator of Story Club – a live storytelling night and soon-to-be TV show on (ABC2) and currently a writer/presenter on The Checkout (ABC1). She writes short stories, many of which have been published in various literary journals and she's currently working on her first book with Giramondo Publishing.

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