Beautiful + Ibis Noir | Deep Sea Astronauts featuring Sheba Williams

Deep Sea Astronauts

TEDxSydney 2019 · 24 May 2019

Sydney based artist collective, Deep Sea Astronauts and singer, Sheba Williams perform the song “Beautiful” in a tribute to a Sydney icon, the ibis – affectionately called “bin chickens”!

Credits: “Beautiful” Written by Linda Perry Publishing Stuck In The Throat Music/ Sony/Atv Harmony Licensed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Australia) Pty Limited

Formed in 2009, Deep Sea Astronauts is a Sydney based collective of artists, performers, musicians, dancers, designers and illustrators. They create performances for theatres, festivals, events and radio, with a passion for roving, interactive and immersive experiences.

Their shows are built to delight, excite and inspire and often explore environmental, queer and social justice themes through subversion of archetypes and quirky humour. They are a scalable collective, with members coming in on different projects according to their skills and styles. This means they have a wealth of talent to work with on everything from intimate recordings to large-scale immersive environments.


Ibis Noir Film Credits:

Created by Deep Sea Astronauts with Ad Hoc Films
Staring: Katherine Nheu (Ibis) and Marie Koh(Dialogue) With: Simone Saunders, Ed Stewart, Dasha Kim
Picking Family: Alexa Vines, Chloe Saunders, Frida Vines, Delyth Vines, Chris Payne
Writer/Co-director/Costumes: Alli Sebastian Wolf
Director of Photography/Editor/Co-director: Michael Herman 
Sound Engineer: Jack Layard
Music: Tom Hogan
Make Up Artist: Amy Louise EllenIbis Live Performance
Performance by Deep Sea Astronauts, staring Sheba Williams
Singer: Sheba Williams
Pianist: Casper Tromp
Dancers: Katherine Nheu, Rachelle Dade, Lana Thompson
Creative Director/Producer: Alli Sebastian Wolf (

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