Everything you need to know about the TEDxSydney Hub for 2019

Pau Issel

Many people believe TEDxSydney is based on watching TEDx talks. That is true. Up to a point. The incredible ideas shared by speakers are not the only exciting takeaways from TEDxSydney. There are also Performers, Films and the one and only: TEDxSydney Hub.

You might be wondering, ‘What’s the Hub?’

The Hub is a space specifically designed to incite conversation on common ground.

In between Talks and Performers, there are breaks in which people are invited to go to the Hub to connect with new people and explore new ideas. This is also the place where you can grab a coffee or try some of the fantastic food we will be providing.

The Hub is a place where we agree that we are going to free ourselves from the past and accept that the Future is being shaped by what we do right now. The Hub is a fresh start, a new beginning.

“The hub was an excellent breakout area with delicious food, engaging activities and overall a great set up. It felt like being in business class at a Conference!”  – Attendee TEDxSydney 2018

TEDxSydney Tribes

The Hub is organised based on our 13 Tribes. The tribes are different groups of interest you can join to consider a topic or issue that you are interested in, even if you never considered it before. These connections and conversations are one of the true gems of our event, often growing into projects or new ideas. And that is what this is all about, finding true synergy while sharing interests or ideas with like-minded people.

Through the tribes, you’ll have the opportunity to commit to various causes and find chances for on-the-spot-work, meaning hands-on experiences and adventures that can pay dividends in the future and go a long way to creating your legacy.

There’s something happening during every break, and there are also specific activities you will be able to participate in, so stay tuned to find out the best Hub Activations for you.

“And the HUB…WOW, loved it. There was something for everyone, at no point did I feel I didn’t belong. I was enthralled and memorised at the magnitude of this event !! A slick operation with a genuine, positive, “we’re all in this together” type vibe.” – Attendee TEDxSydney 2018

All the Hub will be organised around our theme this year: Legacy. Good, bad or indifferent, the past is what brought us to the present and it’s important to learn from that. At TEDxSydney we believe that very day is a chance to start anew. Every day is an opportunity to change behaviors or chart a new path forward. What legacy do you want to leave to those yet to come?

Come to TEDxSydney and get inspired by the ideas that are changing the world. Learn more about the legacy you’re creating right now.

See you at the Hub.

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