From The Sublime To The Absurd – TEDxSydney 2016 Film Program Announced

Melanie Horkan

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

As with our TEDx Sydney talks, the Film Program is designed to provoke thought, make us laugh or just allow us to lose ourselves in beautiful visuals. Curator Melanie Horkan gives you a peek behind the curtain into what to expect in 2016.

From the absurdist humour of Paper Moose’s Albert Bluth Looks at People to the poignancy of Jane Schneider’s Do You See Me?, the 2016 film program is a collection of 10 short docs, animations and verite pieces which will provide a complementary program to the Speakers, Music and Food Programs.

Most of the films in the 2016 program are custom made for TEDx Sydney by the best creatives around, along with some talented new voices in the industry. Jaimen Hudson is an incredibly gifted filmmaker who captures extraordinary moments with drone photography which celebrate the Australian landscape (Paddle Boarding With Whales). Another highlight is Carne (Director: Danielle Pearce) – a film made entirely of Donald Trump quotes set against a Pina Bausch stage.

Andy Thomas is a talented visual artist who uses archival birds songs to generate beautiful visuals (Synthetic Nature). Marieka Walsh’s The Turning: Ash Wednesday is a stunning stop motion sand animation. Jamie Andre explores what it takes to be a dual world boxing champion and single mum in The Phoenix. Michi Marosszeky will premiere her beautiful animation, Woven Threads – The Gift which explores the human side to refugee stories. Being a Robot Usher (directed by Ian Williamson & Russ Tucker) looks at a day in the life of the newest employee at the Sydney Opera House. Finally, Ups & Downs (directed by Ariel Martin & AJ Musial) explores what happens when a burnt-out businesswoman leaps from a skyscraper only to discover that she has company.

The Film Program is both shown live on stage at TEDxSydney 2016 and broadcast in our livestream, and will also be available on our YouTube channel shortly after the event.

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