100% focus and nothing less | Joe Carbone and Dauntless Movement Crew

Joe Carbone

TEDxYouth@Sydney 2017 · 6 September 2017

Joe Carbone is a performer, parkour specialist and head instructor with Australia’s Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC). In this short talk Joe explains why he believes we need to put 100% effort into everything we do – whether it is learning how to perform jumps safely, through to completing daily chores. At the conclusion of his talk Joe is joined by his crew, Dauntless Movement Crew for an energetic performance live on the Sydney Town Hall stage at TEDxYouth@Sydney 2017


Joe Carbone is a performer and head instructor with Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC).

DMC is a movement-based team combining art forms such as Tricking, B-Boying, Parkour and Acrobatics. Starting in 2012 with just six members, by 2016 they had expanded to over 30 members while also teaching more than 120 students.

DMC have featured in numerous films and commercials as well as performing and teaching at community events, including at their homeground Fairfield City Council, Bring It On Festival (part of Youth Week) and Cabramatta Moon Festival.

In their workshops and classes, DMC teach skills such as Tricking, Parkour, Dance and Kids Fitness in the Sydney suburbs of Fairfield, Liverpool and Canley Heights. Their main focus is to bring members of the community together, showcasing their skill and talent and offering a fun and supportive place to learn and engage in physical activity.

Force Majeure and Powerhouse Youth theatre have combined to create a theatre show based on DMC’s rags to riches story. It is a fully funded show that has been performed at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre and will show at the Sydney Opera House this year and will go on to tour across Australia. All performers in this show are DMC members

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