Leveraging Tech to Tap into Your Creativity

Ally Hensley

In a world of restriction, innovation continues to be on the move. We are redefining what it means to interact, connect and work from home. In a global pandemic, being tech-savvy is the new must as we adjust to the new norm. Instagram selfies from our pop-up offices are fast becoming the backdrop to our brands. 

Our co-workers are now square faces on a Zoom call who we see for a just a couple of minutes each week. Our homes have become our everything – our refuge, where we create art, write music, eat, design products and launch our ideas. 

With less human connection and a sluggish economy, can we leverage tech to tap into creativity? And, is having the right technology the difference between thriving and surviving? 

Tech giant and designer of the Dell XPS Creator Series says – yes!

To inspire people to leverage technology for creativity and connection, Dell has launched the Dell XPS Creator Series, inspired by the ultra-slick, meticulously crafted and eco-conscious Dell XPS laptop, designed to push creativity to the edge. In a series of interviews with creatives that can be viewed on its’ Instagram channel @dellanz. The series includes tips, techniques and secrets to building your business from anywhere. And how, with the right technology at home, life can be limitless.  

“I’m a real techie and I love the entire creative process that goes into every image I create,” shares Eugene Tan, Creator Series Ambassador and the photographer behind the Aquabumps gallery in Bondi, Australia. “For 21 years I’ve gone down to the beach and shot morning light and surfers. I change it up with different beaches. I was brought up in darkrooms to create the perfect print. Nowadays the laptop is essentially my darkroom, but it’s allowing anyone to be a pro at this artform and that’s the real magic.” 

The fashion industry is one of the few industries where going global is a typical day at the office. Learning to juggle deadlines, creative briefs, media platforms and a global team, is all in a day’s work for Monday Swimwear CEO Natasha Oakley, who’s  leading her company with the all-in-one tech accessory. 

“We’ve got the working remote concept down pat,” says Oakley. “This time at home, has forced me to get back to the basics myself. There are so many things that I utilise my laptop for on a day to day basis. Doing more creative things like editing my blogs posts, writing, uploading content. It is my virtual office. It is my portal to the rest of the world and to my team.” 

Our daily commute over the last six months is walking from the bed to the bathroom and from the kitchen to our laptops. But technology has helped work-from-homers to keep up their step count. 

Tim Robards, creator of The Robards Method fitness program, and his wife Anna Heinrich have been creating, producing and delivering fitness to get us on our feet! 

“The demand for fitness content at home is higher than ever so we’ve been creating content not just about fitness but helping people get stronger,” says Robards as part of the XPS Creator Series. The couple has been producing great workouts and exercise advice from their home in Australia and helping others to see how they can stay fit without leaving the house.

Technology also provides global inspiration, when travelling the world is impossible. Chef and XPS Creator Series Ambassador Matt Sinclair, uses social media as a source of ideas when creating his recipes and explores the history of produce so that his dishes tell a story. “Food is all about creativity and inspiration. It’s not just sustenance, it’s an experience.”

There’s also the power of digital distribution – getting your creation to a new audience or fanbase. When the pandemic hit, like so many, Stan Walker – an Australian born New Zealand award-winning artist – went home to where his talented story originally began. 

Swapping the recording studio for his back-to basics garage set-up, Stan is now creating music with the Dell XPS 15. “It’s a first for me, I’ve never done this before,” says Stan. “I’m used to going to a studio and having everyone else do the technical job. Everybody has a home studio now. You don’t need a big flash studio. You can make a whole album from your laptop.” 

In a generation where we demand to know where our clothes, food and beauty products come from, eco-wise Dell Technologies is one step ahead. In their Saving our Seas campaign, Dell XPS has been recognised as a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards Honouree with 25% percent of the material consisting of ocean plastics collected from coastal areas, while the remaining 75% is made up of other recycled plastics. 

Dell Technologies states that 90% of the Dell XPS laptop parts can be easily recycled or used and the white bamboo packaging trays are 100% recyclable. This is tech with a conscience, and we love it. 

With their 2030 goals focused on sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives and upholding ethics – Dell Technologies seems to be proving that every little thing is everything.

Follow @dellanz, the newly created platform with up-to-date news, tips and ambassador stories as part of the XPS Creator Series. 

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