Young minds on the CUSP of greatness

It was a SELL OUT show for TEDxYouth@Sydney 2019 with many brilliant young minds on the CUSP of greatness inspiring the audience.

On Thursday 4 April, TEDxYouth@Sydney returned with guest talks sharing inspiring and disruptive ideas from some of Australia’s most inquisitive minds. While all speakers came from different disciplines, from architecture to astrophysics, the need to challenge the status quo rang true among all speakers.

Generation Z will feel the effects of climate change more than any other, Jean Hinchliffe showed us that whilst young people can’t vote, they still have the power to change things. Photographer and videographer James J. Robinson explained how applied cultivation theory can negatively impact society when gay characters are the brunt of the joke in cinema. HY William Chan told us his story on how he used plastic waste to teach refugee children skills in engineering and creativity.

16-year-old award-winning young scientist, Angelina Arora asked us to continue challenging our inquisitive selves and how her best out-of-the-box ideas were inspired by nature. We learned about the positive difference Connor McLeod has made to the lives of those visually impaired across Australia. Ally McLean outlined the highs and lows of working in overdrive and the importance of representation in the video games industry.

Joining the above were other young Australian minds who also explored the theme of Cusp.

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Continue to be inspired at TEDxSydney 2019 on 24 May at the ICC, celebrating our 10th anniversary.

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