Meet The Speakers: Cathy Wilcox | TEDxSydney 2016

Cathy Wilcox

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

Cathy Wilcox has been drawing cartoons since she was old enough to scratch the furniture. She honed her skills in the margins of school textbooks — always an eye out for squarish blank spaces. She earned her letters at Art College. This was followed by a fermentation period of a few years in the cultural petri-dish of Paris. Eventually the Sydney Morning Herald took pity on her and gave her her own blank spaces to fill.

Cathy will be joined by 14 other speakers on stage at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday 25 May for TEDxSydney 2016. Share the experience by watching the live stream at or join one of hundreds of live satellites events around the country.

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