5 ways to take your idea to the next level

Brittany Lee Waller

TEDxSydney Spring 2018 Pitch Night · 25 September 2018

It won’t surprise you to know that we live, breathe and love ideas at TEDxSydney. We are inspired by original thinkers, empowered by innovators and emboldened by those that have the courage to take the big risks in life. At the last TEDxSydney Pitch Night, presented by Samsung Galaxy Note9, we witnessed this type of ‘great thinking and doing’ in action, where 22 people boldly presented their ideas of note on stage.

Of course, many of us have dreams to create change, to innovate or develop something that might have an impact on the world. But, how do you take those small seeds of persisting thought and turn them into an idea of note? Here are some common threads of insight we’ve gathered to help you turn your big idea into a reality.


1. Write them down

Many great entrepreneurs, change-makers, and pioneers will tell you their ideas came to them while they were in the shower, while riding the bus or on the brink of sleep. However, those ideas may not have come to fruition if they weren’t recorded. Writing your ideas down is not just for the forgetful but represents that this particular idea is purposeful and significant. It is an active confirmation that you believe in it. Making a regular habit of documenting your thoughts can also be a gateway to the next stage of your journey to success. It helps you free up your mind and better organise your thoughts, which can ultimately lead to an improvement or iteration of your idea.

2. Have a plan

We are acutely aware that simply believing in something is a great first step on your path to taking your idea to the next level. However, passion alone will not simply get you there. Often the most successful people in life are the ‘doers’, the ones that take action, implement and inevitably execute their plans. Whether it’s a business plan for your side-hustle, a strategy for your passion project or even just a list of steps for the greenest of ideas, planning will be key to your progress.

3. Equip yourself with the right technology

Access to the world’s leading innovations and technological tools is not quite realistic for all of us. However, we need not discount the power of the tools around us, including the supercomputer that sits in your pocket where the sum total of human knowledge is merely a few taps away. Get intimate with the technology you have at your fingertips; learn how to use it properly, identify the best ways to multitask and you just might discover how to optimise or streamline your processes. Technology can enable us to achieve our goals effectively and efficiently, while also allowing us to rely less on our own personal judgement and intuition.

4. Find your day of note

We can’t all dedicate 100 percent of our time to working on our projects. And unfortunately, it can be easy to let your side hustle or even your grand game-changing idea fade into the background when your schedule is crammed with work, family and life’s responsibilities. But, the livelihood of your idea depends on you giving consistent time to its progress. With the launch of the super powerful Galaxy Note9 – a mobile studio that helps you get more done in the palm of your hand, our friends at Samsung are encouraging you to have a ‘Day of Note’. Whether it’s once a month, every week or every day, it’s important to carve out some time to create consistency, avoid distractions and make progress on your idea so you can take it to the next level.

5. Continue to improve your idea

Complacency does not breed success, momentum does. Great creators, innovators and doers have championed their concepts and ideas with this sense of constant evolution and upgrade. An idea can always we tweaked, iterated and improved upon – we know this from people like interventional neurologist, Dr. Thomas Oxley, who presented his ‘Digital Spinal Cord’ at this year’s TEDxSydney event, an idea he’d been working on for over three years. It was clear over Oxley’s presentation that he never stopped thinking of ways to make his concept better. Constantly refining your idea and challenging your own thoughts and opinions will help you get that one step closer.

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