Do we have the energy to be kind to ourselves?

Sean Hall

In our last article, we saw how human energy depletion could be a barrier to kindness when we simply don’t have enough in the tank to give to others. Today we look a little deeper to ask where kindness starts.

At the Mind, Body & Soul tribe 165 people self-assessed the level of negative self-talk they experience and found that there was a 33% gap between where they were on the day and where they’d like to be.

So how do we close this gap?

At Energx, we believe an investment in our relationship with ourselves, is an investment in all of our relationships. We’ve all experienced our inner critic being the opposite of kind to us. These thoughts can deplete our energy, and left unchecked lead to more serious issues.

Imagine how you’ll feel if you became your own cheerleader vs critic. You’d be lifted by energising thoughts that celebrate your uniqueness, your value and your ability to make a meaningful contribution to the world around you.

So by being kind to ourselves first, we’ll have more energy to be kind to others.

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