Health autonomy in the palm of your hand | Dana Bradford

Dana Bradford

TEDxSydneySalon October 2018 · 30 October 2018

Neuroscientist, Dana Bradford passionately argues for coherent connected health to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people in our communities are connected – not only to practitioners but to each other. Citing examples from her research, from bench to bedside to community care, she clearly demonstrates why platforms need to be built with compassion and why we need to “tailor our tech with humanity and use our data to make a difference”.


Dr Dana Kai Bradford has a BSc (neuroscience and psychology) with Honours (neuroscience) from the University of Queensland and a PhD (neuroscience) awarded by the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI). She is a senior research scientist with the Australian eHealth Research Centre in CSIRO, and an adjunct senior research fellow with QBI. She predominantly leads projects aimed at developing digital services for equitable health care in culturally and neurologically diverse populations as well as general populations, particularly in the domains of chronic health, mental health, genomics and aged care.


Dana has been involved in award winning projects including ‘CALD Assist’, an app designed to translate key hospital phrases to facilitate communication between non-English speaking patients and their clinicians and nurses; and Australia’s first ‘Smarter Safer Home’ to extend independent living for the elderly.

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