Kind new year’s resolutions

Sean Hall

In previous articles, we’ve talked about how being kind to ourselves first, means we’ll have more energy to be kind to others.

New Year’s resolutions are often born of the things we most dislike about ourselves. Our negative self-talk can spike as we compare where we perceive we are at compared to others. None of this is being kind to ourselves.

So how might we do this differently?

At Energx clients are taught the following three-part framework for achieving goals. All three are necessary to be and feel successful.


Firstly, this means being clear on ‘why’ you’d like more energy in your life. Your ‘why‘ should be important enough to make you feel something in your gut. This could be to complete a project in a certain timeframe, it could be about who you’d like to have a positive energy impact on, or it could be about lifting the brain fog to be your best. Secondly, it’s about being clear on where you are today vs where you’d like to be. Then it’s about how to get there.

2.Confidence and Consistency:

This is about setting micro-goals you are confident you have the skill and willpower to achieve. Think about a daily goal for eating the recommended servings of vegetables, finding 3 minutes for a daily gratitude practice or the most important piece of work to be completed that day to stay on track with a larger project. Small wins ultimately add up to big results.


It’s REALLY hard to achieve goals alone. Share your goals and action plan with someone you trust and ask them to check in weekly to keep you on track. Do the same for them, even if their goals are different.

How will you be more kind to yourself this new year season?

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