Top 5 TED Talks On Creative Sustainability

Susie Stokes

Many scientists argue that if we continue to treat our world in the way we currently do, we will no longer be surrounded by natural beauty. As the general population comes to terms with this global environmental crisis, curiosity builds. Positive everyday changes amongst individuals are very important, but the ultimate solution lies in extraordinary creativity. This article explores some impressive ideas, discussing the future of our natural world via 5 ‘must watch’ sustainability TED Talks.

1) Would you live in a floating city in the sky? By Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno inspires us to think about the way we choose to live life, sharing his inspirational ideas around travelling the world without any fossil fuels. His fierce passion pushes us to believe that maybe one day, living in a bubble amongst the clouds could be an option.

2) The route to a sustainable future. By Alex Steffen

With a culture of consumerism spreading across the world, our environmental footprint is becoming so large that it isn’t sustainable. As more people move into our cities, Alex Steffen encourages us to use what we already have and improve it by implementing environmentally friendly buildings, transport and increasing the extent to which we share.

3) Ink made of air pollution. By Anirudh Sharma

Turning harmful pollution into something useful is at the heart of creative thinking. Starting with a simple experiment at home, Anirudh Sharma was able to trap pollution and create something that billions of people use every day, ink.

4) How to grow a forest in your backyard. By Shubhendu Sharma

Shubhendu Sharma has re-created the way we think of a forest encouraging us to build something special in our own backyards, no matter where we live. Learn how to build your own forest that can be self-maintained and help the environment thrive.

5) This computer will grow your food in the future. By Caleb Harper

Just as the internet once seemed incomprehensible, Caleb Harper has an idea that might be hard to believe at first. He brings new light to the food crisis suggesting that we can create a democratic food climate with digital farms.

There are many exciting opportunities to change the way we live and ensure our world is still here in generations to come. Open your mind to the possibilities this year at TEDxSydney 2019.

Photo credit by Sergei Akulich

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