How To Think Good by Vik Nithy

TEDxYouth@Sydney 2013 · 17 November 2013

Vik Nithy will be speaking about how meditation has helped him overcome his personal struggles with mental health. He will also be exploring how meditation can help young people develop Compassion, Discipline and Optimistic Ambition. Vik Nithy is an ideas guy and professional procrastinator, but in his spare time has helped to found a number of startups, representing Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit and co-founding a Not-For-Profit organization called One Can Grow which educates young people about how to think like entrepreneurs about global issues. His talk “Why We Procrastinate” is among the most viewed Australian TEDx talks, and his biggest achievement in life is overcoming his battles with Mental Health to pursue his passions. Vik is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Psychological Science at UNSW.

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