Tim & Judy Sharp in The Studio

Tim and Judy Sharp

TEDxSydney 2014 · 26 April 2014

Fenella gets to chat with Tim and Judy Sharp immediately after they come off the main stage at TEDxSydney n 2014. Tim Sharp is an internationally acclaimed 25 year-old artist from Brisbane. Diagnosed with Autism at age three, his mother was told that she should “put him away and forget about him”. Ignoring this advice, Judy Sharp, a single mother of two young sons, instead tried everything she could think of to communicate with Tim, including drawing. At age 11, Tim’s artistic talent developed to the point where he created his own super hero, Laser Beak Man. Tim’s creativity has seen him become the first person in the world with Autism to have his art turned into an animated television series screening on the ABC and internationally. In 2012, a film about Tim was shown in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. His art is sold to collectors from around the world and in 2012, Tim’s collaboration with a young rock band from Nashville Tennessee inspired a music festival raising awareness of Autism. Tim and Judy’s story is one of great love and inspiration. See Laser Beak Man at

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