Want to be known as a vagina girl for the rest of your life? by Hannah Ryan

TEDxYouth@Sydney 2013 · 17 November 2013

Hannah Ryan’s mother asked her: “Do You Want to be known as Vagina Girl for the rest of your life?” Hannah had to assess how much of her career prospects would be damaged when she made a decision to publish a student magazine with eighteen vulvas on its cover. Hannah will explore the common dilemma that many young people face when speaking their mind to the wider public. How is it going to affect my future? Hannah Ryan is a sixth year Arts/Law student at the University of Sydney. She enrolled in her degree because she wanted to be a journalist and heard that studying Media & Communications might not lead to a job. She has done spots of debating and public speaking and worked extensively in high school debating. In January she travelled to Washington, D.C. to represent Australia in the world championships of the Jessup International Law Mooting Competition. Meanwhile at USYD, she has broadcast on USYD’s student radio station and worked for the student union. In 2011 she became a reporter for Honi Soit, USYD’s weekly student newspaper, writing arts reviews. In 2012 she branched out into comedic erotic fiction and in 2013 became an editor of the paper. She dreams of working at The New Yorker or the New South Wales Bar, but can’t decide which.

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