TEDxSydney 2019

24 May 2019

ICC Sydney Theatre, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000

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THIS EVENT HAS NOW PAST. Videos and photos from the event will be available in the coming weeks.




What is TEDxSydney:

Our TEDx event is one of the largest TEDx events in the world and a gold standard on the global TEDx stage.

Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversation. That is what an experience at TEDxSydney conference is! It’s an event that gathers interesting people in the community to be a part of a unique day that unleashes new ideas and has the purpose to inspire and inform.

What is the structure of the day?

Event Check-in: 7:00AM – 8:15AM

We encourage you to arrive by 8:00AM to ensure you have time to check-in and enjoy breakfast before heading to the Theatre for the main event.

Event will end at: 6:00PM

TEDxSydney Flagship event is broken up into 4 sessions that take place in a theatre whereby you are exposed to a line-up of speakers and performers like never before. The speakers cover the topics of science, business, technology, art, design, entertainment, culture and much more. Plus at TEDxSydney you have access to our interactive hub, a specifically designed space where you can go to connect with interesting people and experience innovative technologies, take your taste buds on an adventure and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.

The theme for TEDxSydney 2019 is Legacy.  What have we been left with? What are we doing with what we’ve been left with? What will we leave behind?

Friday 24 May 2019

ICC, Sydney NSW 

We have announced ALL of our speakers for TEDxSydney 2019 10th Anniversary event.

  • Albert Wiggan: a Bardi-Kija-Nyul Nyul man passionate about culture, country and Indigenous science.
  • Behrouz Boochani: a Kurdish journalist, writer, poet and filmmaker. He has been held in Manus Island detention centre since 2013.
  • Bridget Loudon: founder of Expert360 focusing on the future of work and the power of technology to increase work participation.
  • Craig Costello: a researcher in cryptography at Microsoft in the USA. He works on cryptographic applications and computational algebraic geometry.
  • David Wenham: an Australian actor and producer who, after growing up in Sydney went on to appear in blockbuster Hollywood films.
  • Eddie Jaku: 99-year old Jewish-German Holocaust survivor and self-proclaimed ‘happiest man on Earth’ who has made a vow to himself to smile every day.
  • Hedayat Osyan: An Afghan refugee and socially conscious tradie who created a tiling company, to empower those in similar situations with skills and employment.
  • Kim Graham-Nye: determined to shift the global nappy industry from oil-based to renewable-based, Kim and her husband introduced a new category to the market.
  • Maxine Beneba Clarke: Widely published author of six books and slam poet, her award-winning memoir The Hate Race is currently being adapted for a stage play.
  • Monkol Lek: an Assistant Professor of Genetics at Yale University who has dedicated his life to improving the genetic diagnosis of rare diseases.
  • Peter Stutchbury: an internationally renowned Australian architect who has established a reputation for innovation, responsibility and connection.
  • Ros Harvey: an experienced entrepreneur and executive in technology, in the Internet of Things (IoT) and user-centric design committed to creating public good.
  • Sara Morawetz: an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the processes that underpin scientific action.
  • Sharonne Zaks: not your average dentist/musician, Sharonne combines her passions with a special focus on trauma informed care.
  • Tara Djokic: PhD Candidate at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology focusing on the geological setting and ecology of some of Earth’s oldest evidence of life.
  • Tom Nash: Australian DJ and music producer who lost both his hands and most of his legs at the age of 19 who has rebuilt his life using prosthetics.
  • Yve Blake:  Award-winning writer, Composer, and Musical Comedian whose theatre production FANGIRLS is now being adapted for the screen.

Highlights from TEDxSydney 2018 | HumanKind

An event not to be missed. Be sure to be in that room.

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Contributors from TEDxSydney 2019


Albert Wiggan

Albert Wiggan is a Bardi-Kija-Nyul Nyul man from the beautiful waters of Boddergron...


Asha Jefferies

Plenty of kids pick up a guitar at an early age, often a dream perhaps...

Behrouz Boochani is a Kurdish journalist, writer, poet and filmmaker. He has been...


Bridget Loudon

Bridget is a passionate leader on a mission to create simple technology products...


Craig Costello

Craig Costello is a researcher in cryptography at


David Wenham

David Wenham has received critical acclaim for his diverse performances in film, theatre...

Deep Sea Astronauts is a Sydney based collective of artists, performers, musicians, dancers,...


Eddie Jaku

Eddie Jaku OAM, born Abraham Jakubowicz in Germany in 1920. His...


Eric Avery

Eric’s practice explores the deep relationship between Indigenous and non indigenous forms and...


Genesis Owusu

Making his mark on the Australian music scene, Genesis Owusu is continually delivering...



HANDSOME is an artist, crafting a mix of Tomboy pop...


Hedayat Osyan

Hedayat is a 27-year-old former refugee from Afghanistan who came to Australia in...



As a musician, performer, DJ and social maverick, Joyride has entrenched himself as...


Kim Graham-Nye

Kim Graham-Nye is irrepressible when it comes to ending...

Maxine Beneba Clarke's short fiction collection Foreign Soil won the ABIA for Literary...


Monkol Lek

Monkol is an Assistant Professor of Genetics at Yale University. He leads a...

Peter Stutchbury has practiced Architecture since 1980 establishing a reputation for innovation, responsibility...


Ros Harvey

Ros Harvey is an experienced entrepreneur and executive in technology, particularly the Internet...


Sara Morawetz

Sara Morawetz is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the...


Sharonne Zaks

Dr Sharonne Zaks is not your average dentist/musician. She has over 20 years of experience...


Tara Djokic

Tara is a PhD candidate at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology of the...


Tom Nash

At the age of 19, Tom lost both his hands and both of...


Yve Blake

Yve Blake is an award-winning writer, composer, and musical comedian. She is an...



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