An Australian Initiative to Help Save the Rhino | Ray Dearlove

Ray Dearlove

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

The current biodiversity crisis is sometimes described as the Holocene Extinction or the sixth extinction. By some scientific estimates, 140,000 species are lost every year. Can one person save a species? Ray Dearlove is counting on it, and he’s taking some very unconventional steps to make that happen – bringing the endangered white rhino to Australia, for a breeding program in the country’s remote areas.

In May 2013, with Allan Davies, Ray Dearlove founded The Australian Rhino Project which is focused on establishing breeding herds of white and black rhinoceros in Australia as an insurance population for the two species which face the threat of extinction.

In partnership with Taronga Zoo and the Business and Veterinary Schools of the University of Sydney, the project has gained global momentum.

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