TEDxSydney Salon — Tomorrow’s Technology: Shaping our Future

TEDxSydney Salon — Tomorrow’s Technology: Shaping our Future · 6 October 2022

In partnership with Standards Australia, TEDxSydney would like to invite you to a special online event, Tomorrow’s Technology: Shaping our Future

Focusing on the future impacts of critical and emerging technologies, this Salon will bring together world-leading experts and professionals to reveal the technology that is fast outpacing the ways we have to understand, manage and safely engage with it. From biosecurity threats to brain-tech interfaces and AI — what technologies will radically reshape how we live in the future? 

TEDxSydney Salons provide an opportunity to go deep on a specific topic and bring people across industries together and share the ideas that are shaping the conversation.

Tomorrow’s Technology, a TEDxSydney Salon, will be held at the Art Gallery of NSW on 6 October from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in front of a live, invite-only, audience. The event recording will be available on-demand to the entire TEDxSydney community on Friday 7 October from 12 pm.   

We are excited to share our incredible line-up of compelling speakers and experts in their fields with you. These include: Raina McIntyre, Professor of Global Biosecurity & NHMRC Principal Research Fellow at UNSW. Raina will provide insights on the power of emerging biotechnologies, the risk of synthetic pathogens and biowarfare. 

Raina will be joined by Allan McCay, Deputy Director of The Sydney Institute of Criminology at the University of Sydney’s Law School, talking about the legal and ethical issues relating to emerging brain-computer interfaces. How will brain monitoring technologies change how we work, and could brain-computer interfaces be used as a part of the justice system? 

Exploring the wide-ranging implications of emerging AI and machine learning algorithms in governments is Lyria Bennett Moses – Director of the UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation. As more governments, justice systems and bureaucracies embrace this new technology, can we find a way to trust Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

TEDxSydney is partnering with Standards Australia to present this special event to celebrate their centenary year and celebrate the more than 6,500 contributors, nominating organisations, members, stakeholders and staff, who continuously provide their time, skills, and knowledge to ensure the company delivers the highest quality industry products and service.

Register your interest here to gain access to the event recording – available on-demand to the entire TEDxSydney community on Friday 7 October from 12 pm.  

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