Farmers are key to a better future | Anika Molesworth

Anika Molesworth

TEDxYouth@Sydney 2017 · 6 September 2017

As a farmer, Anika Molesworth understands many of the challenges facing farmers – who are all trying to create more with less. Increasing populations, ecosystem degradation and climate change ask more of famers than ever before, which is why farmers need our support – to help them make the necessary changes, to do what they do best. 

Anika splits her life between her family’s arid outback sheep station in Far Western NSW, her PhD crop trials in Griffith, and lush green rice paddies in Southeast Asia working as a researcher in international agricultural development.

She was awarded the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, 2017 NSW Finalist for Young Australian of the Year, and most recently the NSW Young Achiever Award for Environment and Sustainability.

Anika is a passionate advocate for sustainable farming, environmental conservation and climate change action. She helped founding Farmers for Climate Action, and connects landmanagers to researchers through her platform Climate Wise Agriculture in order to build resilience into farming communities. She is also keenly interested in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage in farming communities and manages the International National Trusts Organisation’s Sustainable Farms program.

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