TEDxSydney 2014 – The Food

TEDxSydney 2014 · 26 April 2014

Jill Dupleix, Food Curator, leads a huge team of dedicated and talented people to produce the amazing food for over 2,500 people at TEDxSydney. In 2014 she went in a different direction, partnering with community groups and refugee initiatives to provide the ingredients for a wonderful day. This video was lovingly produced by Peter Cramer, of The Milkbar, in Sydney. See: Food columnist, restaurant critic, cook book author and café guide editor, Jill’s most recent excellent adventures have been crowd-farming the food for over 2000 people at the Sydney Opera House as food curator of TEDxSydney 2013, and drinking 1000 coffees a year as the coffee-tragic editor of the Sydney Morning Herald Good Café Guide. Before that, she was swanning around the UK and Europe as The Times Cook, the London-based Cookery Editor of The Times, having a lovely time and being awarded Cookery Journalist of The Year in 2002 by the British Guild of Food Writers. She has written sixteen cook books, including New Food, and Simple Food, and now, writes the Hot Food column in the Sydney Morning Herald, reviews restaurants and cafes for the Good Food Guide, consults to Murdoch Books on food and wine books with a focus on real food and spirit of place, and speaks regularly on food trends.

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