The home, art and place | Ian Strange

Ian Strange

TEDxSydney 2018 · 15 June 2018

Multidisciplinary artist Ian Strange considers how home shapes the way we think of ourselves and our communities. Strange creates large scale art projects and installations incorporating homes around the world.

Using photography, film and sculpture, Strange draws on powerful imagery from an nine-year-long examination of the subject.

By taking the familiar object of home and subverting it, he challenges the viewer to think about our homes anew. In this talk, Strange shares his process – both creative and personal – to weave a narrative of belonging.

Ian Strange‘s photographs and videos challenge the idea of the family home as a place of warmth and safety, by simultaneously elevating and destroying it both literally and figuratively. This multidisciplinary artist’s work explores photography, sculpture, installation, site-specific intervention, film, documentary work and exhibition, alongside broader themes of disenfranchisement within the urban environment.

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