Meet The Speakers: Kelli Jean Drinkwater | TEDxSydney 2016

Kelli Jean Drinkwater

TEDxSydney 2016 · 25 May 2016

Meet The Speakers – Previewing Our 2016 Speaker Line-up

Kelli Jean Drinkwater is an artist and activist recognized internationally for her imagery, performance and work in radical body politics. Kelli Jean uses the body as a site to explore themes of identity, queer and feminist theory and societies obsession with “perfection”. She takes the iconic and subverts it through the filter of her fatness. Often confrontational, her work aims to investigate the complex relationship we all have with our bodies.

Kelli Jean will be joined by 14 other speakers on stage at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday 25 May for TEDxSydney 2016. Share the experience by watching the live stream at or join one of hundreds of live satellites events around the country.

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