Fast food? The true value of Chinese cooking | Vincent Yeow Lim

Vincent Yeow Lim

TEDxSydney 2022 · 5 August 2022

Vincent Yeow Lim was the kid doing his homework at one of the tables in his dad’s Chinese restaurant. Now a restaurant owner himself, he asks why Chinese food is considered cheap, fast food, despite the skill required to cook it, and the long tradition and history behind it. In this talk, Vincent cooks the first dish his dad ever taught him — the simplest, but also the hardest to get right — Fried Rice.

DIMSIMLIM a.k.a Vincent Yeow Lim is a restaurant owner, chef & one of Australia’s most popular online content creators on TikTok, Instagram & YouTube. He is on a journey to showcase the true art of wok style cooking to the western world with a lil bit of YumYum.

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